Unif1ed HRM - Made for you

Unif1ed HRM Solution being our premiere product is an in-house software made for aiding companies manage their workforce. Being designed as an Employee management and Payroll software, it specifically caters to the needs of companies concerned with those needs.iSense Technologies is a provider of physical security solutions, which include but are not limited to importing physical devices that have support for fingerprint, face, card, and pin code authorization. These devices are primarily made and used for Time Attendance and Access Control purposes. There are cases where different devices from different manufacturers are required to aid a company in specific ways. Every manufacturer of these devices provides their own software for the use of their specific devices. The variety of software makes it difficult for customers to use our services easily. There are also very common scenarios where extra functionality is required from these softwares and we encounter failure in fulfilling the customer’s requirement. To solve these issues, Unif1ed HRM was created. The software gets its name from being able to unify different devices from different manufacturers. It works seamlessly with devices we import and is provided as a Software as a Service (SAAS).

Features of Unif1ed HRM