Audio Video Entry System

The Audio/Video Entry system (also  known as intercom system) is so designed that it makes a connection between the external front-door unit and the interior of the house using speakers and microphones.


In  addition  to  the  easy  audio  configuration  that  intercoms  are  popular  for, the  latest  and newest systems are not limited to offering audio communications.

They also give both audio and video management of door access. This adds more security properties to the intercom systems. Thus, whenever someone presses the door bells, you are instantly alerted and you can directly speak to the visitor (from the safety of your interiors), ask him to introduce himself or the reason for his presence.

Being a two-way communication device, Intercom also enables the visitor to answer back to you and thus you can make up your mind on whether the visitor is familiar & expected or stranger & suspicious. Thus, any untoward incident of forced entry by a crook can be avoided. Not having to open the door right away for visitors is one way that intercom systems can give you protection. The wireless doorbells alongside wireless Intercoms also proffer that complete comfort since you need not get up every time to answer the door. If your business is not already using one, it might be time to consider implementing an intercom system. The type which will suit your company best depends on whether you regularly need to admit visitors, or if you’re a closed site.

 Internal communication or Intercom systems can help make your home or business more secure. These simply connect two or more points within a building or an area, allowing for easy and seamless communication across distance. Commonly these points are placed at doors to allow access to visitors without someone needing to constantly monitor the door.

Intercom systems are installed at strategic areas or several entry points of commercial properties. They make it possible for employees to carry out effective communication within the given distance. This eases exchange of communication that is vital and important in all business operations.

Audio Video Entry System