Digital ID-Card Solution

iSense provides a variety of high image quality ID card printers.


High quality image cards produced by ID card printers are usually seen as an important benefit in portraying a professional corporate image.

By providing these Printers, we market an extended range of printing systems for plastic cards. These systems deliver personalized, encoded and secured cards, instantly by:

  • Printing in color or monochrome
  • Single and dual-sided versions
  • Graphic personalization
  • For medium and large runs
  • Data encoding: magnetic stripe, contact smart card, contactless.

After purchase of the printer, clients requesting technical support or system update are taken care of in the most efficient and professional way. Our one year warranty period also shows our dedication to serve you.

Primacy Card Printer

Badgy200 Card Printer

Zenius Card Printer

Avansia Card Printer

Quantum Card Printer

Elypso Card Printer

Tattoo Rewrite Card Printer