Intruder Alarm System

The wireless alarm system is a system designed to detect intrusion or unauthorised entry into an area.


The wireless system incorporates detection devices which are used to sense burglars/thieves or intruders.

Detection devices of the wireless system include: motion sensors, shock detectors, magnetic door contacts, smoke detectors, water leakage detectors and much more. Wireless alarm system is very straightforward to install. The major benefit of using the wireless system is that the number of detectors can be added as necessary with minimum effort.

Detection devices do exactly as the name implies, these are the senses of the system and detect intrusion by a number of different means.

  • Magnetic contacts
  • Vibration sensor (or shock sensor)
  • Motion Sensors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Water Leakage Detectors

Intruder Alarm System